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Restructuring, cost optimization and growth as an integrated bundle of initiatives
Global transformation program to restructure the business system
Incremental program execution and cost and productivity measures embedded into everyday business
Individual target agreements linked to success
of implementing the measures


A leading international industrial services provider initiated a corporate transformation program to optimize the overall group performance and profitability by promoting organic growth through a lean corporate structure, accelerated decision making, elimination of redundant efforts and reduction of administrative costs.


GET Excellence captured the overall context of the transformation program, incorporating the concepts of programs, targets, strategic initiatives, synergy effects, workstreams and measure planning as well as tracking & reporting processes.

Reporting Dashboards, Management, Fill grade and Ramp up reports were specifically designed for this case.

The program was managed by the central transformation office, reporting to the executive board.


The GET Excellence tool supported a global transformation program to restructure the business system.

It allowed to embed incremental program execution with cost and productivity measures into everyday business and link individual target agreements with success of implementing the measures.

It is amazing how easy it was to deal with such a large number of initiatives