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Operational Efficiency | Cost Reduction | Post-Merger Integration
Manage Business Transformation

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Business Cases

Because each company and challenge is unique, the GET Excellence platform offers configuration and customization capabilities that allow to support any kind of transformation program.
Operational Efficiency
Monitor and report workstreams
to transform targeted company
structures and processes.
Cost Reduction
Improve your organization sustainably
by tracking key performance metrics
top and bottom line.
Post-Merger Integration
Manage and track the complex process
of combining and rearranging businesses to achieve potential synergies.
Case Studies
A Framework that Supports the Full Lifecycle of Strategic Initiatives and Operational Measures
Why Choose GET Excellence

The GET Excellence tracking & reporting solution is based on 4 key principles
that facilitate the provision of crucial information during large transformation programs.
GET Excellence supports a structured and systematic
approach to impact planning, tracking
& reporting.
GET Excellence functions as a controlling tool for program managers and as a basis for management interventions.
GET Excellence allows to digitize all program processes and structures as well as to automate tracking & reporting.
Users enjoy GET Excellence because of its smart features, outstanding visual design and exceptional usability.
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Everything You Need for Efficient Program Management

Innovation and best practices of management and controlling combined
into one user-friendly, organizational framework.
Program Breakdown

Program breakdown including high-level strategic initiatives / synergy areas or workstreams to delivery via operational measures. Flexible portfolios of measures, e.g. business unit, management responsible or region-related, roadmapping, high-level impacts, interdependencies, scenarios, master plans.
Program Lifecycle, Maturity Degrees & Approval Workflows
Predefined and custom structures and templates to plan, track and approve initiatives, projects, workstreams or measure lifecycles. Integrated To Do and checklists to complete each maturity degree. Rely on phase and maturity degrees to ensure timely and authorized Go/No-Go decisions and stakeholder commitment.
Financial/Non-Financial & KPI Impacts

Business value planning with flexible financial structures adjusted to company P&L and financial breakdowns. Financial impacts in multi-currency and adjustable conversion rates, non-financial KPIs like FTE reduction, Days sales outstanding (DSO), Days payable outstanding (DPO), Days inventory outstanding (DIO), CAPEX / OPEX and others.
Simulation Scenarios and Interdependencies
Include measures belonging to one initiative or  workstream batch into a simulation with the corresponding key milestones and deliverables. Consider interdependencies between milestones and deliverables in different measures, resolve key resource conflicts, and review the critical path for the whole program.
Program Planning & Tracking

Project & program structuring & organization, business case integration, work breakdown structure, time planning via Gantt Chart, budgeting/cost controlling, stakeholder management, risk management, task board, documents / forms, agile / hybrid approaches, change request management, versioning, project status tracking & reporting.
Collaboration & Communication

Enable efficient communication within your team with centralized communication, document sharing capabilities, and status updates. Team collaboration and communication, initiative types and workflow control, approval requests and notifications, reminders, an early alert system.
Analytics & Reporting
Provide team members with  personalized dashboards to track business drivers, performance and user activities. Dashboards, program RADAR, organizational analytics, financial impact breakdown reports, pivot tables, data import from SAP and other ERPs, data export to XLS, WORD, PDF, BI tools, etc.
Common Features
GET Excellence allows you to incorporate your brand identity into the platform and use custom designs. It offers multi-currency support, data validation and various other features to facilitate your work, such as different user views, search and filter functions.
The solution supports custom processes, fields, views, reports and various organizational adjustments. Scaling up is possible after successful prototyping and organizational alignment to fit your company needs.
Integration Capabilities
The platform is a web-based solution with an API that allows it to be integrated with ERP systems such as SAP or Active Directory.  Single Sign-On is also supported.
We Are Proud of Our Clients
We grow together with our clients by using our diverse experience.
Energy and Utilities
Other Industries
Project Partners
The Transformation Program Lifecycle

GET Excellence encompasses the whole context of transformation, including concept, strategic initiatives, synergy effects, workstreams, measure planning, tracking & reporting.

Meet Controlling Needs with the Right Report
Reduce errors with structured and standardized data gathering procedures

Improve reporting discipline with clear and easy data entry process

Deliver reports faster with automated data provision
Provide different stakeholders with custom reports that include relevant information for sustainable decision making
Read in this white paper what makes RADAR stand out as a comprehensive reporting solution and see how it can meet the needs of your business.
What are the key aspects of effective project status reporting? Download this white paper to find out the answer, and then set your company on the right track.
The goal of management reporting is to provide insight and help steer an organization. Learn about the recent trends in management reporting and how to improve it.
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Fill out the form to get a free copy
It will only take a moment of your time.
Focus on
Organizational Challenges
Planning of
Savings Potentials
Define meaningful cost-saving KPIs for your resources – financial, inventory, productive or staff – and plan the overall targets and potential effects
for initiatives, business units
and business segments.
Performance Management
With GET Excellence you can define
and implement measures and easily create reports. Centralized data management and improved reporting process ensure your KPI data is accurate and reliable.
Effective Communication & Reporting Discipline
Support stakeholder management and reporting processes. Use automated reminders to improve the reporting discipline. Focus on program analytics and reporting to stakeholders instead of administering data.
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Implementation Roadmap

It only takes a few weeks to set up, adjust and integrate the GET Excellence platform according
to your business needs and ensure organizational alignment.
Scoping & Concept
Project Kick-Off Workshop
Scope / Out-of-Scope Alignment
Project Time & Resource Planning & Commitment
System Operating Model Installation, Service, Support

2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Solution Customization & Implementation
Concept, Branding and Look & Feel
Organizational Structure and Demographics
Roles, Responsibilities, Key User Accounts
Initiative and Measure Definition and Lifecycle, Measure Types
Measure Implementation, Reporting & Tracking Rules
Change Management
Customization of Reporting: Import Template as XLS, Export Report as DOC, Measure Reporting Solution via XLS
Communication, Notifications & Emails
Solution Customization & Development
Quality Assurance & Implementation Test


2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Delivery & Go-Live
Preparation of Customer or Cloud Infrastructure
System Delivery and Installation
Customer Test & Acceptance
Customer Feedback Integration
User Documentation
Key User Trainings – Train the Trainer Approach
Definition of Known Initiatives, Projects, Workstreams and Measures

1 Week
1 Week
Support & Maintenance
Maintenance Model Agreement
Ramp-Up Support
Project Hand-Over to Support
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