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We offer a professional and easy-to-operate Tracking & Reporting Platform for a
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Business Cases
The GET Excellence Platform supports various types of transformation programs.
Every company and every challenge is unique.
Therefore, one of the most important features of the platform is its capability to meet
customer-specific scenarios
through configuration and customizing.
Restructuring & Reorganization

Monitor and report workstreams to transform targeted company structures and processes.
Operational Efficiency
Cost Reduction & Profit Increase

Improve your organization sustainably by tracking key performance metrics top
and bottom line.
Merger Management

Manage and track the complex process of combining and rearranging businesses to achieve potential synergies.
Growth Strategy
Use performance drivers and deviation alignment to meet improvement targets and realize growth and costs optimization strategies.
Digital Enterprise Transformation
Gain a significant competitive advantage by adopting innovative technological trends and developing the digital capabilities of your organization.
New Business Innovation
Help leaders design, prototype, develop and test new business models and products via Gate Review governance.
GET Excellence covers all relevant topics throughout the program lifecycle
The Transformation Program Lifecycle
GET Excellence captures the overall context of the transformation program, incorporating the concepts of programs, targets, strategic initiatives, synergy effects, workstreams and measure planning as well as tracking & reporting processes.
The platform is a user-friendly organizational framework for program processes and structures.

Focus on
Organizational Challenges
Planning of
Savings Potentials
Define meaningful cost saving KPIs for your resources - financial, inventory, productive or staff - and plan overall targets and potential effects for initiatives, business units and business segments on the GET Excellence platform.
Performance Management
With GET Excellence you can define and implement measures and easily create reports. Centralized data management and improved reporting process ensure that you get reliable KPI data which is accurate and consistent.
Effective Communication & Reporting Discipline
GET Excellence supports your stakeholder management and reporting processes. Automated reminders improve the reporting discipline. Focus on program analytics and reporting to stakeholders instead of simply adminstrating data.
Key Stakeholders Ensure Program Delivery
Clear responsibilities and tasks are assigned in the program management organization to ensure a successful implementation.
The platform enables cooperation, coordination and communication among program stakeholders by providing an infrastructure for approval workflows, reporting, emailing and notifications.


Strategic challenges — Experience — Engagement platform — Operational evolution
Key Principles of the Solution
The GET Excellence tracking & reporting solution is based on 4 key principles
to facilitate the provisioning of vital information during large transformation programs.
Comprehensive reports
provide a clear insight into the status of measures and the impact of results.
Relevant up-to-date information enables you to stay in control of your transformation program.
Structured and consistent reports support your communication with all
parties involved.
Automated reporting processes reduce administrative efforts and leave more time for decisions.
Insight into the GET Excellence Platform
Support your global & regional program management organizations.
Organizational Alignment
Align organizational structures including hierarchies, countries, locations, divisions, business units, legal entities, responsibility structures and multi-currency structures with conversion rates.
Terminology & Branding
Adapt the corporate terminology and glossaries. Align corporate identities, logos, colors, branding, company languages and working languages.
KPI and Financial Impacts
Plan and track transformation targets with performance indicators. Align your monthly, quarterly or yearly plans for financial impacts to the organizational profit & loss structure.
Maturity Degree & Approvals
Employ structures and templates to plan, track and approve initiatives, projects, workstreams or measure lifecycles. Rely on phase and maturity degrees to ensure timely and authorized Go/No-Go decisions and stakeholders' commitment.
Program Team Collaboration
Provide team members with a single view via dashboards for user activities. Enable efficient communication within your team with centralized communication, document shares and status updates. Receive and send notifications, emails, weekly reports and reminders with assigned tasks and upcoming deliverables. Extract reports to share in DOC and XLS.
Milestones in Gantt Chart
Use the measure timeline with Gantt Chart components to schedule tasks, allocate resources and guard your critical path. Map prerequisites, dependencies and project baselines. Conduct variance analyses, copy timelines and track key milestones with the SteerCo button.
Status Updates & Traffic Lights
Get regular (e.g. monthly) and ad-hoc status updates for the overall project health with color-coded indicators to monitor timelines, KPIs and financial deviations. Track best estimates and actuals against targets. Have reminders sent to team members responsible for reporting to ensure that reports are submitted.
Roles & Responsibilities
Clearly define roles and assign them to project team members. Grant access permissions according to team members' roles. Easily include new team members by creating user accounts and sending project assignment notifications.
Key Resource Utilization
Assign resources considering resource availability and the allocation of key team members across other projects and tasks. Resolve utilization conflicts. Get reports about the progress of tasks and their successful completion.
Change Request Management
Adjust your target planning on the platform or submit an approval request for critical changes of team members, alterations of key milestones or budget increases. When baselines are changed and re-approved, GET Excellence enables you to track deviations against the newly approved baseline.
Interdependencies & Simulation
Consider interdependencies between milestones and deliverables in different workstreams, resolve key resource conflicts and review the critical path of the whole program. Use time and resource simulations for the complete program including key workstreams for prototyping and roll-out.
Risk Management
The GET Ecellence platform enables project owners and sponsors to identify and assess risks and share information. Decide whether the risk reporting should be installed on the measure, project or program level. Receive reliable risk assessments and generate risk mitigation plans.

Stakeholder Management
Identify, understand and include the stakeholders for your business transformation program. Analyze their interests and the power of their influence. GET Excellence supports your stakeholder management with a communication management plan to engage and influence stakeholders.
Program Tracking & Reporting
Discover the trends that impact business strategies by using a reporting solution that has been developed by industry experts and uses 20 interactive reports to create client-specific reports. Benefit from the program dashboards visualization and analytics and use the tool to easily export reports to XLS.
Program RADAR
Get a clear overview of your projects' status to make informed decisions. Control measures on RADAR with visualizations that reveal performance metrics across your entire program delivery process.
Web Based & Integration API
Make use of the demo, test, training and productive environments included in the program. The platform is a web-based solution with an API that can be integrated to your systems such as SAP or Active Directory via Single Sign On integration. Export and import data from XLS.

Customizing & Scaling Up
The platform offers you customized processes, organizational adjustments, custom fields, views and reports and includes a scale up solution after successful prototyping and organizational alignment to fit your company. Its administrative interface allows you to manage organizational and business changes.
Service & Support
Benefit from our fast and flexible implementation, integration and consulting services. You can choose between a delivery on your side or our "Software as service" model and make use of our key user training, a professional customer support center and the GET IT service level agreement. Rely on our qualified practice managers and 15+ years of industry experience.

Save up to 1.5 million using the GET Excellence Platform

Smart metering is a key element of the transformation.
GET Excellence secures data consistency & reporting efficiency and makes it easy to track progress without a huge .xls file that would require long update periods.

A Case Study for saving up to € 1.5 million annually when using GET Excellence instead of an Excel-based solution:
100 Measure Owners: optimization rate of around 15 %
2 PMO Members: optimization rate of around 20 %
20 Strategic Initiatives to frame the program potential
500 Workstreams or Measures to implement a program strategy

Contact us to get a Calculator to simulate your case and define the potential savings when using the GET Excellence platform.
More Time for Analysis & Communication
Shifting the work effort to the end of the reporting process towards commenting & analysis
Reduced error rate through a structured and standardized data gathering process
Increased work discipline — easy and clearly structured data entry into the system
Reduced provisioning time because of an automated data provisioning process
GET Excellence Platform Implementation Roadmap
It only takes a few weeks to set up, adjust and integrate the platform according to your business needs
and to ensure organizational alignment.
Scoping & Concept
Project Kick-Off Workshop
Scope / Out-of-Scope Alignment
Project Time & Resource Planning & Commitment
System Operating Model Installation, Service, Support

1 Week
1 Week
Solution Customization & Implementation
Concept, Branding and Look & Feel
Organizational Structure and Demographics
Roles, Responsibilities, Key User Accounts
Initiative and Measure Definition and Lifecycle, Measure Types
Measure Implementation, Reporting & Tracking Rules
Change Management
Customizing of Reporting: Import Template as XLS, Extract Report as DOC, Measure Reporting Solution via XLS
Communication, Notifications & Emails
Solution Customizing & Development
Quality Assurance & Implementation Test


2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Delivery & Go-Live
Customer or Cloud Infrastructure Preparation
System Delivery and Installation
Customer Test & Acceptance
Customer Feedback Integration
User Documentation
Key User Trainings - Train the Trainer Approach
Known Initiatives, Projects, Workstreams and Measures Definition

1 Week
1 Week
Support & Maintenance
Maintenance Model Agreement
Ramp-Up Support
Project Hand-Over to Support
Companies That Have Managed Transformation Challenges
with GET Excellence
Together with our customers we set the course to success.
We develop customized solutions that promote a harmonious interplay of business and technology.

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