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Proven platform for the systematic implementation of transformation programs
GET Excellence was developed as part of the collaboration between BCG & GET IT
Execution of joint customer projects
Exchange of best practices in the field of transformation service

In сollaboration with a program partner, GET IT developed a platform to enable effective implementation and execution of strategic programs and initiatives ensuring a company's success. Breaking down long-term goals into timely, digestible and definable measures helps to create a detailed roadmap that aligns the day-to-day activities of the organization with the overarching strategy mandates.


GET Excellence supports the concept of measure definition as well as measure tracking & reporting for sustainable impacts.

Strategic goals are translated into actionable initiatives following a stage-gate lifecycle along defined maturity degrees. They are assigned to a dedicated owner responsible for the planning and implementation.

The full process of measure definition, tracking and reporting is supported by the GET Excellence platform.

PMO tracks measure realization and reports the progress to the managing board to quickly identify any risks.


The GET Excellence platform was developed in collaboration between BCG & GET IT.

The execution of joint customer projects was part of the program.

Best practices in the field of transformation programs were exchanged.

Everything from planning to tracking and reporting was convincing