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Unbundling of a group into several stand-alone companies with growth potential
Organizational unbundling via 100 workstreams
Interdependencies via 40 cross-functional simulations
Integration management office set up in 4 weeks

A leading service provider to the global travel industry. At the time of the acquisition, the company was listed as a mini-conglomerate of three unrelated businesses. The goal was to unbundle the group structure, create three holding companies with independent legal entities and to build functionalities on company level so that the companies can act as stand-alones.


GET Excellence was introduced to plan workstreams, program timeline, interdependencies simulation, people & communication, ongoing program management over unbundling process.

The group structure was unbundled and 3 holding companies with independent legal entities were created.

Functionalities on company level were built to allow the companies to act as stand-alones.


The program involved an organizational unbundling via 100 workstreams and interdependencies via 40 cross-functional simulations.

Integration management office was established within 4 weeks.

The design and usability are outstanding, and so are the results