Post-merger integration of business units while establishing an end-state IT architecture

  • Post-merger set-up of the integration management office (IMO)
  • Establishing the end-state architecture. Reducing costs and recognizing synergies.
  • >500 projects / change requests per year
A regional is the result of the merger of two banks. Initially, each of the two banks had an established PMO. During the integration, they merged into one enterprise PMO. This joint PMO played a significant role in the merger integration. Especially, the IT had to "keep the lights on," or in other words, to ensure the business-as-usual operations during the integration process.
GET Excellence helped to transfer the IT project portfolios of both companies into one project organization and to set up the integration office both with governance and support functions.

The integration required the balancing of resources among daily IT operations, the combination of the PMOs of merging IT units with the aim of reducing costs and recognizing other synergies as well as establishing an end-state architecture for the long-term business objectives of the IT landscape.
A post-merger integration management office (IMO) was set up and an end-state architecture was established. Cost reduction and recognition of synergies were achieved.
After trying this tool, nobody wants to use
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After trying this tool, nobody wants to use
Excel ever again