Restructuring, operational efficiency, growth strategy and profit increase

  • Transformation program office set up on the basis of GET Excellence
  • Structural, efficiency, profit-increasing, innovation measures defined
  • >1000 measures

A leading partner in the energy infrastructure of utilities and industrial companies. Faced with new challenges as a result of the German energy transition (Energiewende), the company launched a transformation program to strengthen the competitiveness, improve cost efficiency and increase profits as well as implement changes in the product and service portfolio.


GET Excellence supported the comprehensive transformation program covering structural, operational, financial, personnel as well as profit-increasing measures. The program controlling was established to provide a structured, centralized management of the transformation program as well as to set up structures & roles for the collaboration of central and decentralized program controlling.


A transformation program office was set up on the basis of GET Excellence. The types of measures have been defined as structural, efficiency, profit-increasing and innovation.
It allows transparent and real-time reporting
It allows transparent and real-time reporting